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Intracoastal Bank's Commitment

Today, most banks are on-line, accessible 24 hours a day via the latest electronic technology. We are too. But perhaps most importantly, we are accessible the old-fashioned way, as people ready to talk with you, to get to know you and your business so that we can work together for many years to come.

Today we are truly living in a technologically wondrous age. That is why Intracoastal Bank has utilized the latest banking technology available to better serve your needs. For instance, your Intracoastal Bank Online Banking access allows you to conduct all your transactions on your PC from the comfort and convenience of home. Think about what a timesaver that is! Even with all the great advancements in technology, Intracoastal Bank's commitment to great customer service with a personal touch remains constant. We are still there for you, in person whenever you need us.

With Intracoastal Bank you get all the modern convenience that those big banks offer plus the personal touch of "Hometown Banking at its Best"!

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Mobile Banking for Business - (Mobiliti)

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Mobility Business is a quite a powerful financial management service. Advancements in technology and the increased security of dual control make Mobiliti Business the perfect choice for faster and more effective management for your business finances.

Mobiliti for Business offers:
  • Dual Control Security
  • Approvals (Wire, ACH, Positive Pay, Transfers)
  • Remote Deposit of Checks
  • Account Balance
  • Transaction History
  • View Check Images
  • Transfers
  • User Entitlements
  • Multifactor Authentication and Secure Login

Essential tool for depositing checks fast

No time to go to your banking branch? Our app allows you to deposit checks from anywhere using your smartphones, area (not sure what the red word means lol). It's a real time saver that keeps your money moving faster. And it's free.

From remotely depositing check to approving a wire transfer. Mobiliti Business put the power of business banking in the palm of your hand.

Approved on the Go

Using Mobility Business is easy with for Business Online clients. People on the move can make decisions and approve transactions instantly from their smartphone or tablet.

  • Approve transfer between accounts
  • Approve ACH transactions
  • Approve wire transfers
  • Approve loan payment or advances
  • Make positive pay approvals

And clients can:

  • View account balances
  • View recent transaction history
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Deposit Checks

An Effective Fraud Prevention Tool

Hault fraudulent transactions before they begin from a smartphone or tablet - Instantly.

  • Guards against account takeover by protecting the approval process for ACH, Wire transfers, and account transfers
  • Protects against check fraud using positive pay and approvals
  • Identifies suspicious activities by closing watching money movement.

Receive Alerts - Instantly

  • When important transactions are ready for approval, your Mobiliti app provides customized push alerts
  • Complete transactions while in your office, in your car or at your home.

Peace of Mind Security

Mobiliti Business provides the highest level of security by using the same Business Online Banking ID or token you have multiple layers of authentication to shield your business information


The privacy and safety of your financial information is Intracoastal Bank's utmost concern. Intracoastal Bank will not request your personal account information or any specific personal identification information such as social security number, home address or phone number over the internet or via email. Please call Intracoastal Bank before you respond to any request for your personal information.