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Courier Service Rules and Regulations



Bank shall furnish to User two lock/zipper bags with keys. Deposits made with the courier shall be placed in the zipper bag and locked. The courier will place the locked bag into the vehicle. User authorizes the Bank to process locked bags upon removal from the vehicle.

"On Call" Users must call or email before 9:00 AM for same day pick-up; phone number is 386-447-1662 email is

User will retain copies of deposit checks, drafts and like items for their record keeping. User may include loan payments. There shall be NO CASH in the deposit. All deposits and payments receive credit on day of courier pick-up. Courier will deliver receipts and bag on the next scheduled pick-up.

The findings and records of the Bank made jointly by any two officers or employees as to the presence or absence from the locked bag of any deposit or payment, and as to the contents thereof, shall be binding upon User.

The Bank may terminate Courier Depository Agreement with an User at any time by mailing notice to the User and in the event of such termination, or of any other discontinuance of the use of the Depository by the User, all equipment furnished under the agreement will be immediately returned to the Bank or if not returned, the User will reimburse the Bank for the value thereof.

The Bank reserves the right to withdraw the Courier Depository from use at any time without notice in case of emergency or need for repairs and shall not be liable for any loss resulting from the withdrawal. The Bank shall not be responsible or liable at any time for the operation, safety or condition of the Courier Depository of any keys, locks, bags, envelopes or other equipment loaned or furnished for use in connection therewith.

These rules and regulations may be amended or rescinded or new rules and regulations may be made by the Bank and changes so made shall be binding upon the User of the Courier Depository from and after the personal delivery or mailing to User of a copy of such changes.