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Treasury Management Services

Business Online

Business Online is our online banking product especially designed for businesses. Business Online is secure, flexible and can be customized to each specific corporate customer, providing feature-rich and high-performance Internet corporate cash management in a single package. Through Business Online, corporate cash managers can make immediate and accurate decisions, based on real-time information. Real-time float analysis provides the cash manager with the information needed to assure the availability of funds.

Sophisticated and flexible funds management capabilities allow named client employees to make controlled disbursements, transfers and payments, including ACH and internal transfers, domestic and foreign wire transfers, and loan payments.

Corporate clients enjoy greater functionality without jeopardizing security, and can establish controls at the client level. Administrative features offer flexible management of employee rights in multiple-user environments. New employees can be set up with access options, review requirements, time-of-day access, password control and more.

No software to load! No hardware compatibility issues! Just have internet capability and you can have access to one of the best Internet Banking programs available. Perform on-line transfers, request stop payments, reconcile your operating account daily, perform ACH file generation, initiate wire transfers, retrieve check images, direct deposit your company's payroll and more.

Remote Deposit Capture

Remote Deposit Capture (RDC) is a service which allows a user to scan checks and transmit the scanned images to a bank for posting and clearing. The basic requirements for an RDC service currently include a PC, an internet connection, and a check scanner. Checks you receive at your business location can be scanned to create a digital deposit. This digital deposit is then transmitted (usually over an encrypted internet connection) to your bank who then accepts the deposit, posts the deposit to your account and assigns availability based upon your availability schedule.

Positive Pay

This service is used for fraud detection. This service allows Intracoastal Bank the ability to match checks with issued items to ensure the account holder actually wrote the check. The business customer is required to upload an issued check file using Business Online. Emails will be sent to the customer to alert them of possible issues with their clearing checks. The customer will have the ability to tell the bank to pay or return the checks that do not match the issued check file. The basic requirement for the positive pay system is a PC, an internet connection and Business Online banking access with Intracoastal Bank.

Corporate Lock Box Service

This product is designed for the corporate customer with high volume payment collection needs. The payments are mailed to a designated post office box and are picked up daily and processed. The bank provides reporting of deposited items daily, and creates monthly CD-ROM images upon request. This service is designed to off load work from your internal accounts receivable department and increases your efficiency through timeliness and automation.

Biz Pay

Biz Pay allows our business customers the ability to pay their bills online. It is safe and secure.

Streamline Routine Tasks:

Automating the accounts payable process allows you to concentrate on more critical business issues.

Improve Financial Management:

Electronic billing and payment provides small businesses with more accuracy in payables processing and greater control over cash flow.

Realize Significant Cost Savings:

Considering labor, supply costs and processing time, a small business can save thousands per year by handling accounts payable online.

Gain Convenient Access:

Businesses can pay bills anytime from anywhere they can access the Internet.

Be Assured of Complete Security:

All payments are fully backed by the CheckFree Guarantee.

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