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Tom Hury

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SVP/Chief Risk Officer

phone: 386-449-0961

BIO:  Most of Tom's banking career has been with startup banks or newly formed banks. During his career he has been involved with five banks in which he joined them before they opened or in their first year of operation. Tom retired to Flagler Beach in January of 2000 and became a customer of Cypress Bank. In December of 2001 the Management of Cypress Bank asked Tom to join them on a 90 day contract while they searched for a new CFO. This 90 day assignment lasted much longer with Tom retiring from Cypress Coquina in June of 2006. Tom joined the Intracoastal Bank Team in March of 2008 before the Bank opened in June. Tom assumed the role of Chief Risk officer.Tom brings 38 years of banking experience, almost all with new community banks, to Intracoastal Bank. Tom serves as the Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. 

While Tom was born is Orlando he grew up in nearby Gainesville. During high school at Gainesville High School many weekends included surf trips to Crescent Beach or Flagler Beach. Tom graduated from the University of South Florida and started his banking career in Gainesville in 1973. 

Tom Hury is a 7th generation Floridian, his mother was a Broward whose family received a Spanish Land Grant in what is now Duval County. Tom and his wife Barbara live in Flagler Beach. Tom and Barbara are active in the local bicycling community and Tom occasionally can be seen riding the waves in Flagler Beach. Tom serves on the Flagler Beach Police Pension Board.